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How to Train Your Zombie


How to Train Your Zombie - A Practical Guide for Zombie Ownership

The popularity and public acceptance of behavior analysis is debatable. However, no matter where one estimates this acceptance, it is likely to be lower than desired. Other disciplines have made efforts to capitalize on the success of popular culture to spread awareness and acceptance. Of particular note is the success of the zombie horror genre.  Over the last few years, the genre has produced best-selling books, major film releases, popular television shows, podcasts, and even acceptance into peer-reviewed, scientific journals. 

The DBA-SIG is offering a PowerPoint presentation that showcases behavior analytic principles, and the role these principles have in training zombies. The presentation materials have been designed so they can be presented by anyone with basic knowledge in behavior analysis. These materials are appropriate for public presentations as well as supplemental material for a classroom lecture. 

To view the video teaser, go here: www.tinyurl.com/zombieDBA.

To obtain presentation materials, or for more information, please contact Benjamin Witts at benjamin[email protected].

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Amanda N. Kelly, PhD, BCBA-D, DBA-SIG Chair

on behalf of the DBA-SIG Council

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